Modern Iranian Poetry

Modern Iranian Poetry





Classical Iranian poetry is known and appreciated in west .scholars like Fitz Gerald .Brown, Arberry and Nickelson have present the poetry of Ferdowsi ,Khayyam ,Rumi and Hafez ,with relative success , in English .Why not Modern Iranian Poetry ?

Is that because our modern poems lack the appeal of the classical Persian verse ? Or because the previous translations of Iranian new poetry have been inadequate ?whatever the reason , the fact remains that contemporary Iranian Poetry is alive and well today among the nation , and numerous poetry selection ,collections ,  and anthologies are published and old out each year. So much so , in act , that compiling modern poetry selection is an easy way of profiteering in Iran. Besides ,works  of analysis and criticism os new poetry are in great demand.

Modern in Iranian poetry originates with Nima Yushij ,who broke the stale  conventional forms and meters ,introduced variable rhythms and music and expanded poetic idiom and diction , thus creation new modes of lyrical expression along with a fresh poetic vision.

After him some poets like Akavan and Azad kept the Nima tradition , while other like Shamlu , Sepehri , Forugh Gradually moved toward free verse and tonal language .It seems our new poetry is moving increasingly away from rhetorical devise , and closer to colloquial idiom and a Lyrical sensibility fused with social , historical and philosophical awareness.

My choices for his book are mostly lyrics , as this mode has the highest degree of university. Hence Wordsworth s definition of lyrical poetry as the spontaneous overflow of powerful emotion recollected in tranquility. For the same reason , in my last work from Shakespeare to  Eliot(Atieh pub.1998)the selection was mainly lyrical .After the success of that book ,which renderse_re_creation Iranian poetry in English Such books may build a bridge of the culture communication and understanding between two culture helping the cause of dialogue among civilizations.

My thesis on poetry _ translation as re – creation in another tongue has already appeared in the preface to from Shakespeare to Eliot , which expounds my view on precision and fidelity from , sky and tone ,Here ,suffice it to say that a poem s translation must ideally be a poem of and by itself, equivalent to the original .Like the original piece it must have verve , spirit , music (albeit  avantgarde.) My enterprise was informed by my years of studying English literature in the U.S. and then teaching and researching in the Iran , as well as by my pwn bit of aptitude for writing poetry .Excerpts of this book have already appeared in the English daily paper Iran News , to the warm reception of readers and the poets available in Iran , and their positive appreciation of these rendition was a beautiful encouragement along the way.

Peace on Earth

s.sp jan.2000



Once more shall I salute the sun 

Once more shall I salute the sun.

Once more shall I salute the book

That flowed within me.

The clouds that were my long thoughts.

The painful growth of the garden s poplars

The crossed the dry seasons with me,

The flight of crows

That brought me a gift

Of the fragrance of evening farms.

My mother who lived in the mirror

and looked like my old age,

and the earth whose inflamed bowels

filed up with green seeds

by the lust for perpetuation me.

I shall com, come

With my hair : the extension of underground odors,

With my eyes : dense sensation of darkness,

With the shrub I picked from the moors across the wall,

I shall come ,come,  come.

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