Selected poems of  Sohrab Sepehri

گزیده های شعر های

سهراب سپهری

ترجمه به انگلیسی

سعید سعیدپور


Selected poems of

Sohrab Sepehri

Translated into English

Saeed Saeedpoor

Iranian Poets Society  2011



Ding Dong               12

Death of Color        16

Remembrance         20

Lost Moment           24

Screen                      27

No Fiber                   29

The Superior            31

O Near                     29

Another Realm        35

Altar                        37

Satan too                 39

Bodhi                      41

Riverbank                43

To the Flower of Nought   45

Sunny                     47

Green to Green       49

Oasis in the moment  51

Night of the Good Solitude    53

Feather of Whisper      56

Word Vibes                 59

The primal Call           63

To the garden of Co-Travelers      68

Perpetual                         72

Till the wet Pulse  of the Morn      75

O saline ,O Ancient          79

Near the Far aways          82

Tender Time of Sand       86

Now the Descent of Color 89

Lonescape                          91

Towards the priend s fancy   96

Here Always                       99

Water  103

While There Are Poppics   107

The Address                       111

Behind the Seas                  115

Presence perpetual             124

Where s Perpetual              124

Where s a Drop of iiiustion?  127




To implement the project Dialogue between Iranian and the word poetry , so far the Section of Contemporary Iranian poetry has been Translated into a dozen languages Like wise ,selected modern poems of the world have been translated from several languages into farsi and the process is ongoing .

The present book is part of another phase of project, in which the work of select figurcs  in contemporary Iranian poetry is rendered into English , in the from of a selection of some 50 poems from each poet.

With the publication of these selection in English translation ,interested readers will have a better chance to know the style and concerns of each poet .meanwhile in continite   this project, translating more of great poets of the world ,provides the chance for comparative study.


Dr. Fatemeh Rakei

Managing Director of the project

Dialogue between Iranian and the world poetry.


About the poet

Born in  1928 ,sohrab sepehri grew to be of the most original and population poits of Iran today .He studied I the college of the fine Art and was an accomplished painter as well as a poet. In fact regarding the connection between the two art forms ,sepehri has said : painting for views is like poetry for words. but when poetry and music stop short in conveying subtle sentiments, the art of painting begins , sepehri spent sme years in India and Japan and was deeply influenced by Buddhist mysticism :this influence is marvelously reflected in this verse-impressionistic poetry is full the synesthesia , or sensory combination .This bilingual book containted on the minds and hearts of his wide readership .

Sepehri died in an early age in 1980 , may he rest in peace.

Saeed saeedpoor

March 2011

مرگ رنگ

رنگی کنار شب

بی حرف مرده است

مرغی سیاه آمده از راه های دور

می خواند از بلندی بام شب شکست

سرمست فتح امده از راه

این مرغ غم پرست

در این شکست رنگ

از هم گسسته رشته های هر آهنگ

تنها صدای مرغک بی پاک

گوش سکوت ساده می آراید

با گوشواره پژواک

مرغ سیاه آمده ،از راه های دور

بنشسته روی بام بلند شب شکست

چون سنگ بی تکان.

لغزانده چشم را

برشکل های درهم پندارش،

خوابی شگفت می دهد آزارش:

گل های رنگ سر زده از خاک های شب.

در جاده های عطر

پای نسیم مانده ز رفتار.

هر دم پی فریبی ،این مرغ غم پرست

نقشی کشد به یاری منقار

بندی شکسته است.

خوابی شکسته است.

رویای سرزمین

افسانه شگفتن گل های رنگ را

از یاد برده است.

بی حرف باید از خم این ره عبور کرد:

رنگی کنار این شب بی مرز مرده است.

Death of color

Some color by the night

Has wordless died.

A black bird comes from far away

Sings atop the roof of night s fall

In rapturous triumph has come

This bird woebegone.

In this fall of color

The  thread of every tune is tom.

The tone of the reckless bird alone

Decks the ear of sheer silence

With the ring of resonance.

Blackbird has come from far ways

Perched on the high roof of nightfall

Still as stone.

Slides the eye

Over confused forms of his mind.

An odd dream disturbs him:

Flower of color rise from  the soil of night

In fragrant roads

The feet of breeze are halted .

Each moment after an illusion this woebegone bird

Drawa an image with the beak.

A bar has fallen

A dream is broken

The dream of the land has forgotten

The fable of the blooming roses of color

Wordless must we tread the bend of the road :

Some color has died by this boundless night.

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