Shams’s Qazals
By Saeed Saeedpour


 The great Iranian mystical poet,  Mowlavi Rumi lived in the 13 the century.  On the brink of the Mongol invasion when he was still a child,  their whole family left their hometown of Balkh in the eastern frontiers of iran,  and moved west ward settling finally in Konya(in today’s Turkey)  where he lived till his death at the age of 68.  During the long Journey he supposedly met the sufi poet Attar in Nishabur and later lbn Araby the Islamic philosopher in Damascus,  both of whom were impressed by the child’s esoteric genius and envisioned a brilliant future for him in the path of mysticism.

The prophesy came true when his spiritual development came to full blossom upon meeting the wandering sufi Shams-e Tabrizi.  Thence he was profoundly transformed from a venerable theologian to an impassioned poet,  who sings and dances rapturously for his beloved Shams.  Inspired by this spiritual love,  Rumi’s verses are highly energetic and charged with ecstatic longing for divine reunion.  In this edition 20 ghazals(lyrics)  are presented in English in a new translation

Every breath the call of love arrives left and right To heavens we are going,  who wants to watch?  In heaven we once were,  a fellow to angels There we all go again,  for there’s our town.  Higher than heavens we are,  greater than angels Why not surpass these two?  Divine our home.  Too far is essence pure from earthen world Where have you descended?  Depart from the wasteland!  a Fresh fortune is our companion,  passing away our task our caravan’s guide is the Prophet,  the world’s honor

By his visage the moon splitted apart The moon found the chance yet could not bear the sight.  Fragrance of this breeze is from his ringlet Radiance of this fancy is from that face of bright mom In our heart behold every moment the moon split Toward that point’s view why is your eye bent?  People are like ducks born in the sea of spirit How could dwell here the bird that rose from that sea?  Even now we’re all in the sea,  all present in it or else whence the constant waves from the heart’s sea?  Rose the tide of covenant,  broke the ark of frame Then as the ark broke,  came the tum of union and visit.


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