Poet-translator Saeed Saeedpoor was born in Tehran in 1956. From 1977 till 1989 he lived in the U.S.A, where he studied English literature. Back in Iran since 1990, Saeedpoor has been a university instructor of English literature as well as a literary translator.

For several years he was the English editor at the I.N.C for UNESCO. He has collaborated with the Encyclopaedia of Aesthetics and the Great Islamic Encyclopaedia. Many articles and interviews of the author have appeared in different literary journals and newspapers.

A dozen books of poetry by Saeed Saeedpoor have been published in bilingual form, translating both from Engish into Farsi and from Farsi into English. Notable for his precise, poetic renditions, he has shown that poetry is often translatable without much evaporation. Saeedpoor’s style in both English and Farsi is proof that poetry-translation may be at once faithful and beautiful  fidelity and beauty are not mutually exclusive, but actually complementary features.

More on this topic in “Thesis on Poetry Translation.”

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