Thesis on Poetry-translation

Distinguished for his precise and poetic renditions, Saeed Saeedpoor has shown that translated poetry may be both authentic and beautiful. He rejects the stereotype of the translator as traitor and translation a woman who is either beautiful or faithful, never both! His work proves that “the woman” in translation may be both faithful and beautiful indeed, it must be faithful in order to be beautiful.

Poetranslation is an artistic task comparable to composing poems: it involves poetic gift, high creativity and sensibility to words and their harmonics. The final product must be a text of literary merit that reflects the original from and content. Saeedpoor rejects both “free” translation in which the author does as he wishes, and literal translation which is often rigid and prosaic. His work retains the original from, style and imagery, recreating them in fresh and fluent expression. The translation of each poem is a base for exploring the linguistic possibilities for uttering it in auother tongue verbal texture, harmony of collocation, sound that best reflects the sense.

Such achievement requires the gift of verbal virtuosity, plus intimacy with the culture and literature of both the source and traget languages. Thus, the “Poetramslator” may create equivalent poems texts that are delightful and stimulating for their literary value. Meeting the challenge is grounds for sheer artistry!